Busy, Busy building the Armory

It’s been a long while since I posted on the blog here, but I’ve been working hard for the past couple of months on the Armory. I realized this morning that I hadn’t said anything about it over here, so I wanted to make a brief post highlighting the work I’ve been doing on it. While StoppingPower.Info has been around for almost three (3) years now, the majority of people find their way here via the videos that we have posted over the years. What started out as wiki site migrated to a more “blog” like format, and finally we have what we run now. That being said, it always felt like the firearms (and assorted other equipment) was either (a) tacked on like an afterthought or (b) too hard to sift through the videos and reviews to find. I wanted to fix all that to better aggregate all the really good firearms and display them in a manner that made sense to me (and hopefully is useful to others).

Goals of the Armory

  1. Organize firearms, ammunition, and manufacturers into an easy to search and use web site.
  2. Provide a consistent look and aggregate information that is usually “all over the place” on the net.
  3. Cross reference the ammunition with the firearms, so that it is easy to search for all firearms that use .45 ACP (for example).

To that end, three major sections have been developed currently:

Handguns – the many varieties of handguns provide a nice place to start and I really think it’s nice to be able to cross reference them by caliber. You can find all the Semiautomatics you want, or just look at the Derringers.

Caliber – Caliber instead of “ammunition” because I believe that’s a more accurate term. Where possible, we’ve added a CAD drawing of the case dimensions (of course check your reloading guides).

Manufacturers – If you want to see all the Glocks or Rugers currently indexed, then this is your place. With time, this section will grow as we add in more specific manufacturer information.l

If you have any suggestions for the Armory, just let me know at frank@stoppingpower.info.



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