Don’t shoot the Christmas Shipping Box

The title of this post is apparently what my wife should have told me a couple of weeks ago, instead of “don’t break down any of the large boxes in the garage.”   Seeing as a I put a new scope on my Ruger 10/22 I wanted something to setup at 25 yards to help in the sighting process, I needed to find a box to drag out to the range.  Lo and behold, when I enter the garage, there was large box that was the perfect size.  After stapling a couple of paper targets to it, I threw it in the  back of the Element and didn’t think anything of it.

Don’t shoot

Until last night.

When I heard “why does box I was going to use for shipping Christmas presents have holes in it?”

On the other hand, I did learn that UPS will indeed ship a box that has been shot up (it was mostly intact, after all this was only .22 LR) without so much as a question.  Makes you wonder how often they run into this type of shipping situation…

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