Mallard hunting season

Niland, California – Early on Saturday, October 23 ducks and geese hunting season opened, hundreds of hunters gathered in front of the office of the district vote count Wister hunting, city Niland at 3am.

To the vast parking lot in this area has hundreds of cars coming from the afternoon of Friday, the busy atmosphere when hunters encounter and share many hot news after almost 9 months of waiting.

This year with very positive news, the group of hunters who also have a lot of hope shoots are allowed limit of duck hunting. Only a few hunters also called up some time, most people come early and up from Friday, not many people give up the opportunity to license open season on hunting days.

duck hunting

Like every year, the hunters were licensed to hunt in open season dates which they were sent to attend the lottery from the past month. The lucky ones get a license with the numbers 1 to 10 are deemed to be definitely brought mallard meat.

Start calling from the vote to choose a place to hunt, for professional hunters in the area where they are more familiar with most ducks, but also those who prefer to choose a special place.

Since the numbers are called, and each site is to own hunting, hundreds of hunters stood around loudly, with laughter and make the tongue languages as there are better places that people do not know a high number of votes to select.

When choosing a place and then immediately right where groups of hunters through increased fees and employee check back for the last time from the right by hunting and duck hunting with two stamps, one federal and one state.


Wister At each blind zone allows hunters to 4, just finished paying off the car is running right up the road to gabble to duck hunting spot, place a vote-counting office a few miles. Those who have no place to go hunting soon immediately began hunting in time (half an hour before sunrise), and then have to drop fake duck and hide the ones that seat vernacular called “blind”.

So on until nearly 7 am to finish the hunters have the card, followed by the controller will review how many seats remaining.

They started calling preparatory enrollment form which has to previous office on Friday, this is also a rule to 10:30 pm Fridays bench ballot box will lock again and began to visit , so there are some lucky hunter is not on the list can go hunting votes in the lottery, they will up here early in the afternoon on Friday to take stock of the reserve. The taking stock of the reserve, but also fun to go early so hunters sounding world is Sweatline (lined sweat).

Mr. Scott Sewell  is  hunting area management Wister said up to 150 seats was renovated shoot ducks and wetlands also full of water, ducks here have about 6 thousand mostly small duck called “teal” seed as many bubbles inside Vietnam and type Pintail, every day there are more ducks flock of migratory routes to follow Pacific Flyway.

At present it is too early to give gaggle of, usually around mid-November are many white geese arrive.

Some hunters get  bored and select scenes to line cards, they go to the outside near the Salton Sea lakeshore also shoot ducks places where this is public land for hunting should not need to get the card. These lands little known and difficult because many muddy, sometimes to wade mud or wading out to waist pants new arrival, the usual way of parking spaces both kilometers.

Open day at the duck shooting season was fun and crowded Wister hunters hunting during the day when the near destruction and hunting grounds have reaped much success with pharmaceutical duck shoot enough and there are flies all day blind sat yawning not the shadow of a duck flying across.

The duck hunters proficient hunter then went to see the results table each blind to see where there are more ducks for the next day. It means that on Sunday they will try to obtain a tag to hunt there.

Total duck hunting are over 1400 children a variety for all 150 seats in the Saturday shooting ducks, each shooting seats accommodate up to 4 duck hunters. On average, each hunter is about 2 or 3 shot duck.

Opening day of duck hunting with hundreds of hunters focus here makes small city comes alive Niland again, after the days of silent like a deserted city, full of dust and smoke Niland noisy with hundreds of full truck type, two snack shop run out of capacity nor his stars to satisfy some duck hunters gnawing hungry after a day wading mud.

Written by: Patrick Horne



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