Tactical Shogun: The Best Techniques and Tactics for Employing the Shotgun in Personal Combat

I’ve been really impressed with this book, and have returned to it often when trying to “think things out”. The author writes in a good style that seems to be missing from a lot of the shooting literature. I don’t get the impression he wants to spend a lot of time telling me how good he is, and why he’s an expert, and I appreciate that the book focuses on the shotguns instead.

Tactical Shogun

I’m a bit surprised about a section I read regarding birdshot penetration (basically saying that two sheets of drywall should soak up most of the shot), which doesn’t match up with the video work we’ve done here so far. I’ll have to get through the rest of the book and see what it says, and then maybe I’ll have to send the author a letter to see if that’s what he actually meant. Definitely worth the money, and I was happy to see an endorsement by Col. Cooper in the foreword, which convinced me that I hadn’t ill spent my cash.


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